Digital revolution: When augmented reality meets the dental world

Merging real and virtual content will open up new possibilities for treatments
Is augmented reality something you are already familiar with? Or does this topic spell new territory for you? Join us today for an exciting exploration of what the future holds in store!
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What exactly does the term 'augmented reality' mean?

Augmented reality expands the real world with virtual content. In most cases, this means that computer generated information is added to live images or videos by means of fading in or superimposing. For example, think of a live transmission of a football match: When circles or lines are faded in on live images to illustrate the distances in case of free kicks you are experiencing augmented reality.
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To what extent is augmented reality relevant for dental treatments?

Erfahren Sie mehr im Video-Interview mit Roland Mörzinger, CEO Kapanu AG.

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Augmented reality will help to create new ways of interacting and also enhance communication, for example, during consultation with the patient or during collaboration between professionals.
Roland Mörzinger, CEO Kapanu AG

Where do you see the greatest potential of augmented reality in the dental field?

Expectations can be better communicated visually, and certain disappointments can be avoided.

Roland Mörzinger

Roland Mörzinger is CEO and co-founder of the Swiss start-up Kapanu AG.
He combines his work as software developer and entrepreneur with science. Most recently, he has worked on new technologies involving augmented reality for the dental industry.
He gained his work experiences as a senior scientist at the Computer Graphics Laboratory of ETH Zurich / Switzerland, as a senior software developer in the industry as well as a project manager for research and development projects at the extramural research institute Joanneum Research.
Roland Mörzinger has published numerous technical papers for conferences and journals focusing on image recognition algorithms and "computer vision". He regularly presents the results of his activities to international audiences.
His personal interests include alpine sports (mountaineering, alpine climbing, ski touring) and running as well as travelling and photography.
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Kapanu at IDS 2017

At IDS 2017 in Cologne, Germany, the expert team of Kapanu AG brought the visitors closer to the subject of augmented reality. Visitors to the trade fair were given a vivid insight into the possibilities that augmented reality can offer dentists, dental technicians and patients. They were able to experiment with the technology interactively on the devices installed: They could look at themselves with new or bleached teeth whilst moving and talking naturally. Those who wanted could take a selfie and send it to themselves. The response was overwhelming.


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